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Cultivating Functional Academics: Digging into World Soil Day

Hello Special Education Champions,

Happy World Soil Day! Today, on December 5th, let’s consider engaging in an exciting journey of cross-curricular soil exploration tailored specifically for our diverse students, each navigating their unique abilities and complex learning support needs. Join me in uncovering fertile ground for cultivating curiosity and essential functional academic skills. 

Elementary Soil Sensations:

Imagine immersing your elementary students in the wonders of soil through functional academic extended lessons of engagement. Begin with captivating tales like Oliver and His Alligator or Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt. These stories not only spark imaginations but also introduce vital soil concepts in a way that resonates with their learning styles.

Now, picture the engagement in your functional classroom at the eagerly awaited “Dirt Dig” station. Equip students with pretend OR real shovels, sifters, and an array of soil samples for a sensory-rich experience. Pebbles, flower bulbs, worms, and beetles become the subjects of their exploration. Post-dig, encourage them to express their discoveries through Google images, artwork, and descriptive words, fostering both scientific understanding and language development.

As an instructional coach supporting a teacher with a non-verbal student and diverse learning needs, consider alternative modes of expression. For the non-verbal learner, encourage the use of visual aids, such as pictures or symbols, to communicate their findings. Facilitate peer collaboration, allowing each student to contribute uniquely.

Middle School Soil Explorers:

Focusing on our middle schoolers, envision with me a deeper exploration guided by texts on erosion, decomposition, and nutrient cycles tailored to their reading levels. Ensure comprehension and vocabulary acquisition in context. Picture them crafting persuasive letters advocating for soil conservation, not just demonstrating knowledge but also honing valuable written communication skills.

In your role as a special education teacher, focus on fostering scientific curiosity through engaging experiments like pH testing or permeability studies. Leverage visual aids and hands-on activities to make complex concepts accessible, ensuring meaningful participation for every student, regardless of their learning style.

Transition-Age Triumphs:

For our transition students, the soil becomes ground for cultivating essential job skills. As their instructional coach, encourage exploration of career pathways in conservation, landscaping, agriculture, and soil science. Guide them through researching entrance requirements, job duties, and available training options. Introduce practical experiences like filling out internship applications, an authentic step toward building independent living skills. I know how important it is to connect our programs to life after high school.  Our team at SDES has some additional resources to check out HERE.

This World Soil Day, let’s tailor our lessons to sow seeds of inquiry, literacy, and functional academic skills across grade and ability levels. As an engaged and creative teacher, infuse humor and creativity into these lessons, turning potential challenges into engaging opportunities. Through soil-centric activities, let’s nurture curious minds and inspire a sense of wonder about the ground beneath our feet. 

Be sure to engage paraeducators in the fun and have them take a leadership role in creating these activities as their “peer coaching personal experiences.”  For more information to support you in working with peer coaches, have you considered some of our Peer Coaching Resources here at SDES?

So, dear functional academic champions, who’s ready to roll up their sleeves and engage in a truly enriching World Soil Day celebration?

Keep Grounded, Champions!  


You’ve got this. 

Barb Beck 🌱

Creative Content Director, Specially Designed Education Services (SDES)

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