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The Functional Academics Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students with a variety of developmental disabilities. The skills targeted throughout the Assessment and Curriculum have been chosen for the explicit purpose of empowering students to reach their greatest level of independence, access their communities, and live fulfilled lives as contributing, responsible, and equal members of society.

Functional Academics is Now Digital!

For just $529 per classroom annually, our new digital subscription includes everything below plus hundreds of additional bonus materials, independent activities, and extras.



Because the Functional Academics Program offers the entire Assessment and comprehensive Curriculum in both print and digital format, we are able to accommodate all teachers – those who have embraced the digital age and those who prefer pen and paper.

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The Functional Academics Program is simple to administer and links directly to the Curriculum for a comprehensive education roadmap. To get started, please download the Elementary or Secondary samples from our Print Program to follow along with the 8 steps found below.

A World of Opportunity for Students with Disabilities

Assess Students to Determine Placement.

The Assessment is designed to assist teachers to do two things:

The results of the Assessment provide teachers with a road map to the specific IEP goals to address and provide clear indicators of each student’s Present Levels of Performance.

The Assessment does not provide a standardized score. Instead, each skill domain is evaluated individually to determine the level at which the student is performing and then to identify the next skills in the sequence to teach. After the Assessment is completed, teachers will assign the suggested programs or use the flow charts (provided with each content area) to identify the corresponding Curriculum lesson(s) to teach.

Reference Flow Charts to Find Curriculum

Explore the Curriculum Flow Charts and Skill Sequences used to place students in the Curriculum from their Assessment results. You can see an overview of the IEP Goals and Objectives which makes writing IEPs a breeze. Each content area’s Lesson Plans and Data Sheets provide built-in documentation and accountability toward IEP progress.

Locate Lesson Plans and Corresponding Data Sheets

All of the Assessments and Curriculum lessons are designed to be run with students who are both verbal and nonverbal.

If the instruction is different, it is clearly outlined on both the Assessment Details page and curriculum lessons. If the instruction is the same for both, it will not be delineated.

Each content area contains multiple lessons with corresponding data. The teaching procedures within each lesson and the types of data collection systems are explained in detail in the Curriculum Teaching Guide and Cloud-Based Teacher’s Manual. Each lesson plan includes:

  • A long-term goal and short-term objective for the IEP,
  • The specific titles of the teaching materials you need for the lesson,
  • A notes section with helpful hints and reminders, and
  • The teaching script with the exact instruction/natural cue to use, the response you are looking for, the correction procedure to use with incorrect responses, and how to track data. 
Many Styer-Fitzgerald teachers, including both authors, have had elaborate Peer Tutoring Programs in their classrooms with trained Peer Tutors. Hundreds of general education students have been trained to run programs and take data with fidelity.

Print Program

Gather Materials to Teach Lessons

Assessment Testing Kit
The Functional Academics Testing Kit comes in a handy carrying case and includes, in ready-to-use format, the materials needed for assessment.

Teaching Materials Kit
All teaching materials for each Curriculum content area are printed, prepared, and ready for use in a handy Teaching Materials Kit with: 

  • Filled-out examples of worksheets for inspiration
  • Blank masters for use with multiple students and for ease of creating additional activities
  • Hanging file folders with labels for easy organization and access while teaching
  • Hundreds of flash cards
  • Laminated materials intended for reuse
  • Sturdy storage containers for all materials
  • All teaching materials are also provided on a flash drive and are all modifiable, allowing teachers to easily individualize and keep students engaged.

Bonus Materials
Functional Academics educators enjoy access to hundreds of enhanced shared resources including all new resources added over time. The authors, being teachers themselves, do not believe in nickel and diming and therefore have opted to make all major enhancements available for anyone who has purchased the Program. This includes free access to over 1000 independent activities and growing. These activities are above and beyond what is included in your Teaching Materials Kit!


The individualized Elementary and Secondary curriculum span from Kindergarten through Transition providing a much-needed cohesiveness between grade levels. This model maximizes the full potential of each child while eliminating issues of repetitive busywork.

Easy-to-use lesson plans and a comprehensive data-tracking system are at the core of the Program, offering direction and accountability. Content area lessons provide age-appropriate IEP goals, while outlining the specific prompts/instructions, reinforcement, and correction procedures necessary for teaching each specific skill. The Program’s unique built-in tracking delivers a consistent and clear measurement of progress over time while providing concrete evidence for IEP goals and objectives.

The Curriculum Overview for Elementary and Secondary will give you a list of all content area programs.

Elementary & Secondary Goal Bank Samples

Districts are provided with all IEP goals written in detailed form on an Excel spreadsheet for easy uploading into most IEP systems. The Excel spreadsheets are modifiable so districts can change the verbiage to match district-specific criteria, and at the same time, ensure students are working on meaningful IEP goals backed by concrete data. Full IEP Goal Banks include 170 elementary goals and 150 secondary goals.

Gain Awareness of the Whole Child with the Student Portfolio

The Portfolio is used to gather additional information needed to gain awareness of the whole child in order to program appropriately and provides a much-needed cohesiveness between home and school. Teachers are given many modifiable forms including documents used to help with the transition process from kindergarten through high school to transition and beyond.

Click below for the table of contents and a short sample of what is covered in the Elementary and Secondary Student Portfolios.

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SDES has teamed up with Mundo Pato, Inc., our cloud publishing partner, to create a simple and affordable solution for special educators to use during this critical time.

The Virtual Teaching Materials are a separate supplemental purchase that will greatly enhance the Styer-Fitzgerald Program for Functional Academics ​or can be used on its own.

Virtual Teaching Materials Pricing 1st year: $1000 non-recurring configuration fee plus 12 x monthly charge.

Per Month
Per Year*


































Monthly subscription charge is based on a minimum of 100 students ​and increases by $125 per group of 25 additional students.

Scheduling Tip

Find a student in your classroom who can read and understand your master schedule. Assign them a job in the morning to help set up individual student schedules. See the video of Megan setting up the schedule.
Play Video
Suzanne’s student Megan was her Teacher’s Assistant first period during her junior and senior year. One of her jobs, among other clerical tasks, was to set up individual student schedules. It saved Suzanne prep time in the morning and was a great vocational experience for Megan.

SDES has teamed up with Mundo Pato, Inc., our cloud publishing partner, to create the full Styer-Fitzgerald Program for Functional Academics in the cloud. *The Styer-Fitzgerald Program in the Cloud Start-Up Fee: a $6000 non-recurring start-up fee will be added to the first year subscription only.

Cloud Pricing

Per Month
Per Year*
Monthly subscription charge is based on a minimum of 100 students ​and increases by $125 per group of 25 additional students.